HSR1340 Microfine Oilwell Cement

Microfine oil well cement is specially designed for injection for the oil well or before oilfield exploitation.
The fineness of microfine cement should be optimized according to the specific application and welbore condition, therefore, Kangjing provided 3 types of standard model for your different purposes, the customized partical size also available depending on your requirement. They are HSR700, HSR1000 and HSR1340

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Chemical Name

Microfine Oil Well Cement





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3 days



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20kg bag, 25kg bag, Customized, Jumbo bag

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Gas well plugging, Oil well plugging

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Panlong Mountain@ HSR1000 Microfine Oil Well Cement sets a new standard in ultra-fine precision for critical operations in oil and gas well construction. With an ultra-fine particle size, HSR1340 excels in precision cementing, ensuring effective sealing and reinforcement. This grade is designed for intricate applications demanding the highest level of detail and performance.


  • Ultra-fine particle size for intricate applications.
  • Precision cementing for critical operations.
  • Exceptional sealing and reinforcement capabilities.
  • Tailored for applications demanding the highest level of detail.
  • Ensures superior performance in ultra-fine precision scenarios.

Technician Data


Grain Size D50<7.4µm<5.7µm<3.9µm
Grain Size D95<22µm<16µm<12µm
Fineness (Blaine)>609m2/kg>763m2/kg>810m2/kg
Loss on ignition1.19%1.19%1.19%
Sulfur trioxide2.37%2.37%2.37%
Magnesium oxide3.68%3.68%3.68%
Undissolved substance0.23%0.23%0.23%
Tricalcium silicate (C3S)50.73%50.73%50.73%
Tricalcium aluminate (C3A)2.01%2.01%2.01%
C4AF +2 times C3A18.63%18.63%18.63%


API ClassOil well depth range (m)TypeDescription
A0-1830RegularSulfate ResistanceOrdinary cement
BMediumHighOrdinary cement
C--Early strength cement
D1830-3050-Used for medium temperature and medium pressure conditions
E3050-4270Basic cement with retarder, high temperature and high pressure conditions
F3050-4880-Basic cement with retarder, for ultra-high pressure and high temperature use.
G0-2440-Basic cement, divided into medium and high sulfate-resistant types.
H-Basic cement, divided into medium and high sulfate-resistant types.
J3660-4880--Ordinary type, for ultra-high temperature.


Applications Filed

  • Precision cementing in intricate geological formations.
  • Fine-detail applications demanding the highest level of performance.
  • Effective sealing and reinforcement in critical operations.
  • Ensuring superior results in ultra-fine precision scenarios.



Kangjing’s microfine oil well cement has a shelf life of six months when stored in sealed bags, kept dry and out of direct sunlight.



Kangjing supplied in 20 kg bags, 25 kg bags or 1000 kg bags.
Any other option can be customized


Pot Life

The mix should be kept under constant agitation prior to injection. Do not keep mix in agitator longer than 30 to 40 minutes.

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