K700 Microfine Portland Cement

Panlong Mountain® K700 microfine portland cement is a common microfine cement, which has the 7.4μm (800 mesh) average particle size. It is suitable for rock and soil injection in tunnels, caverns, mines, dams, embankments and underground oil storage facilities. It has good permeability, strength and durability properties.

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Micorfine Portland Cement





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Microfine portland cement is a type of cement that has very fine particles and a high specific surface area. It is used for grouting applications in rock and soil injection, where it can penetrate into tight joints, fissures and pore spaces, and provide a watertight and durable seal. Microfine portland cement can also improve the strength and stability of the grouted mass, and resist chemical attacks and corrosion.

There are different grades of microfine portland cement available in the market, depending on the fineness and the setting time. One of the common ways to measure the fineness of cement is by using the mesh size, which indicates the number of openings per inch of a sieve. The higher the mesh size, the finer the cement particles.



  • Improve the strength and stability of the grouted mass
  • Resist chemical attacks and corrosion
  • Nontoxic and environmentally friendly
  • Controlled setting time and can be adjusted with admixtures
  • Compatible with most admixture types
  • Superior sulphate and chloride resistance compared to ordinary Portland cement


Technician Data


Grain Size D50<7.4µm<5.7µm<3.9µm<2.4µm
Grain Size D95<22µm<16µm<12µm<5µm
Fineness (Blaine)>609m2/kg>763m2/kg>810m2/kg>970m2/kg
Run out time after mixing31-35s31-35s31-35s31-35s
Initial Set125min91min97min48min
Final Set195min135min101min97min
Rupture, 3days7.1MPa6.7MPa7.0MPa7.2MPa
Rupture, 28days9.1MPa9.2MPa9.6MPa9.8MPa
Compressive, 3days49.8MPa47.8MPa51.6MPa52.7MPa
Compressive, 28days69.7MPa69.7MPa77.3MPa79.5MPa


Applications Filed

  • Stabilize weak soils: Filling in the voids between the soil particles, makes the soil stronger and less collapse.
  • Rock injection: Seal weepingleaks in dams, caverns, mines and tunnels etc.
  • Pre-/post- grouting: For all underground structure excavation
  • Curtain grouting: Seal cracks and voids quickly and effectively.



Kangjing’s microfine portland cement has a shelf life of six months when stored in sealed bags, kept dry and out of direct sunlight.



Kangjing supplied in 20 kg bags, 25 kg bags or 1000 kg bags.
Any other option can be customized


Pot Life

The mix should be kept under constant agitation prior to injection. Do not keep mix in agitator longer than 30 to 40 minutes.

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